Why Start Blogging?

Hell if I know, but here's to trying. Take a guess as to how many times I've tried this before; starting a blog, a vlog, a YouTube channel, pretty much any sort of project that requires a prolonged consistency... it's a lot! And even though are some that I've been able to finish, there are a ton more that I haven't. And so why even start this time?

Have you ever started something with the intent to keep it going, only to decide that you'd rather be doing something else? Maybe you start coming up with excuses that you'll get to it in a week. Or you'll write something down when things become more interesting in your career. And then you start questioning yourself! What will you even talk about?

Is my life even that interesting?

Well, no. But I'm not setting out to challenge the lifestyle of Bear Grylls or anything (though, maybe I can talk about his cameraman sometime. That dude deserves a TON of credit, don't you think?)

But my point is that I don't need to achieve this insane standard of living in order to create a place where I can let my thoughts out and talk about things that interest me.

This a place where creatives can read about the life of another creative.

I'd want this blog to be about my creative life. Whether I talk about cinematography, photography, lighting, movies, yadda yadda. If I can stir up any thoughts in your heads about the life of a creative, then I feel this blog will have done its job.

One filmmaker that I admire a ton is Devin Graham, and he created a blog in his early days as well. If you recognizes that name, and wanna see what I'm talking about, check it out here. It was so interesting reading his life before his success on YouTube! I loved following his journey through the years as he progressed his career and I'm hoping this blog can be my own version of that. Let's see where it goes!